Remodeling Sports, Creating Change


Sport Catalysts is a brainstorm initiative. With a creative mindset Sport Catalysts is using passion and the power of sports to develop and empower people. Aiming for an entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary and more inclusive approach, will create more opportunities for everyone.

Developing & Empowering People With Sport

Development, Respect and Pleasure are the core values of Sport Catalysts. Based in Amsterdam with a worldwide view. Up for every challenge in projects, events and athlete management.

Let’s initiate change that should have happened long time ago!

Projects Sport Catalysts is involved in are:

  • Dutch U20 Lacrosse Program Management
  • The Hague BeachLacrosse
  • Dutch LaX Elite Athletes

Do you want to get together for a cup of coffee, have a chat and start creating opportunities, drop an email to

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